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Private lenders on the other hand either have to get funds from investors who are looking for decent returns or from other banks and financial institutions who lend these private lenders funds at higher rates then it costs them to acquire that money.

Most loans require proof that you can repay them. Usually, lenders are interested in your credit scores and your income available to repay a loan. If you have a solid history of borrowing responsibly and the ability to repay loans (as measured by your debt to income ratio), you’ll get approved for a loan.

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If you don’t need a bank loan, you’ll need what is called an "infusion of capital" or a capital contribution to get the business started. Even if you can get money from friends or family, or from a lender, you will need to put some of your own money into the business.

Capital calls are used to secure short-term funding on projects within private equity funds in order to cover the time between the financing agreement and the money received. It is a solution that is generally in place for 30-90 days. 90 days after the capital call, notice is given to the investors.

Athas Capital Group’s genesis was driven by the belief that there was an underserved Non-Prime market. Founded in 2008 with nearly 50 years of experience in all facets of real estate lending, the market was in need of a lender who understood the complexity of serving borrowers deserving of credit but did not fit the conventional lending box.

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LYNK Capital is a fast-growing private lender offering residential fix and flip loans, construction loans, rental loans, and hard money loans. LYNK Capital is a direct lender that provides lending solutions for real estate investors, contractors, builders, and developers.

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