How I Acquired 18 Units (& Quit My Job) 2 Years into Buy & Hold Investing: An Interview

In the November 13, 2018 Ask The Headhunter Newsletter a reader asks whether to accept stock options as part of a compensation package.. Question. I’ve been with the same company for five years, with total 18 years’ experience. I’m considering an attractive offer from a year-old start-up financed by a very respected venture capital group.

During this episode we discuss how he got into real estate, tips on wholesaling, why wholesalers should be using their wholesale money to create passive streams of income, how he bought 10 units for $250k, scaling your business, how he acquired 23 units and 10 acres of land and more.

1226 Real Estate Investing Articles.. How to Get Your Tenants to Stay For at Least Three Years: How to Interview a Property Manager:. How To Buy Your First Twenty-Five unit apartment complex: quit Your Job by Creating A Plan to Invest In Multifamily Real Estate:

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2 Ways to Use Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investments – Maggio Capital Riverdale Home Lots of Equity! – $45,000 Equity An alternative is to take the present value of total costs, which I have done. This reduces the refinance cost savings – it drops from $120,000 to $45,000 in the example above — but the conclusions.

Why doesn’t everyone just buy rental property? My parents recently started buying rental property and they’ve never given me a satisfactory response as to why they don’t just keep buying more. Maybe I’m missing something crucial, but here’s me looking up the first property listed on Loopnet for my area.

GOLD! STOP Paying Rent: Live For Free.. No longer will the excuse of "I have too many bills to pay to quit my job and enter the Fastlane full time" remain valid.. I turned a 4 plex into 16 units and rolled this into 52 units within 3.5 years. You have to start somewhere and this is a.

The Office Pile founder Francisco Aguirre pleads guilty in real estate scam in Phoenix – Phoenix Business Journal Founder The Office Pile, One of the top coworking spaces in the World July 2013 – Present 6 years 1 month. Phoenix, Arizona Area. The First Culturally Diverse Coworking Space in the Nation.

My other job is investing in residential income properties. I started with a junker in 1998 for $5,000 down with owner financing and reinvested that stake into a portfolio of 116 units today. buildings range from 2 family units to 13 unit apartment buildings.

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