What Risks are Involved When Using Hard Money?

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Another important risk to consider when using hard money, or other people’s money for that matter, is your lender not performing. This is a real risk (sadly, one often overlooked by borrowers), and one in which you have very little control.

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To get you started, I’ve outlined eight potential risks in your financial advisory practice. By understanding and addressing these risks, you’ll be better positioned to protect your business-and your clients-before it’s too late. Download our free guide to learn how to identify and protect against risks in your financial advisory.

Risks of bank loans for borrowers include additional financial strain, negative effects on your credit score if you miss payments and the possibility of losing property if you default. Banks also deal with the risk that some borrowers will not repay what they owe.

The risk of trades is measured by standard statistical tools for measuring investment risk: standard deviations and value at risk (VaR). However, many banks use more sophisticated financial models to gauge risk and to increase their profits, but the 2007 – 2009 credit crisis showed that many of these models were faulty.

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