Obama’s Shameful Political Ploy Regarding the FHA PMI Reduction

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Obama’s FHA lays down marker for Trump. Critics have decried the move as further government encroachment on the market. The lower fees take effect jan. 27. While the incoming administration could easily undo the premium cut before it even happens, the politics of a reversal could be difficult.

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While I agree with Colby’s assessment that the audience was “treated to a political advertisement aimed at serving the interests of the Republican presidential ticket,” I think the Hannity love-fest.

And it’s a time-honoured rule of political communication that voters are more likely to believe a politician saying something negative about their opponent than something positive about themselves.

Newly inaugurated President Donald Trump continued his celebratory weekend by stopping by the Central Intelligence Agency on Saturday afternoon to give a stream-of-consciousness-style address praising.

Not from McCain, or Obama, or President Bush. After September 11. The stock market would drop even more, which would reduce the value of your retirement account. The value of your home could.

He poked fun at his age several times, jabbed Obama playfully yet effectively ("I don’t even have a presidential seal") and seemed in command of the subject matter and the stage. When moderator Jim.

Where do you come from? large limit payday loans I don’t see any problem, necessarily, with corporations accumulating cash. But it does undermine their credibility (pretty much erases it in fact) regarding their complaint that they can’t make any money under Obama – that he’s somehow strangling them with his pinko anti-business ways.

Trump Administration Overturns Obama’s FHA Mortgage-Fee Cut. The new administration Friday said it is canceling a reduction in the federal housing administration’s annual fee for most borrowers. The cut would have reduced the annual premium for someone borrowing $200,000 by $500 in the first year.

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