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It’s YOUR Deal. 4 municipal securities rulemaking board 4. Deal Table. Underwriter(s) Underwriter’s Counsel. Bond Counsel. Credit enhancer. feasibility consultant.. Tell Us What You Think Share your ideas for ways to enhance EMMA.

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Boston Hotels. Luckily, Boston is a pretty walkable city (you could feasibly make it from the North End to the Museum of Fine Arts in a day), so you can’t go wrong wherever you’re staying. Make sure to look for a nearby train stop since parking can be a pain — and aim for something near the MBTA’s Green, Orange or Red lines.

When disappointment crushes our dreams, when people hurt or anger us, or when problems seem overwhelming, it’s easy to get caught in the rip-current of negative thoughts. And when we think negative thoughts, we feel negative feelings, leading to believing life is negative overall.

Black Friday has already started. well, sort of. Best Buy’s deals during its Magnolia Sale deals will be price matched if any of its TVs get cheaper during the Black Friday sales, and Walmart’s.

Tottenham may have thought it was worth keeping them around in the summer either because they’d eventually extend their deals.

Definition: If someone tells you, "You’ve got a deal," it means that they agree with the exchange that you proposed. They will do what you are asking them to do, and you agree to do what you said you would do.