Indian lender SKS’ own probe links it to borrower suicides

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Kinetz, E. (2012) ‘AP IMPACT: Indian lender SKS’ own probe links it to borrower suicides, despite company denials’, Washington Post, 24 February 2012. Indian Microfinance: Looking Beyond the AP.

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In October 2010, a mob of 150 people surrounded SKS’s Hyderabad headquarters, protesting the suicide of a borrower’s husband. They threatened to drag the corpse inside and demanded $20,000.

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AP IMPACT: Lender’s own probe links it to suicides. The result: Management had a great set of numbers to show investors as it shopped the IPO. In a month, SKS could add 400,000 borrowers and 100 branches, and train more than 1,000 new loan officers. sks had 6.8 million borrowers and had disbursed $3.2 billion in loans.

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In October 2010, a mob of 150 people surrounded SKS’s Hyderabad headquarters, protesting the suicide of a borrower’s husband. They threatened to drag the corpse inside and demanded $20,000.

AP IMPACT: Lender’s own probe links it to suicides, Associated Press ‘Yunus Was Right,’ SKS Microfinance Founder Says , India Ink, NYT SKS in red after India’s microlender purge , FT

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The Associated Press has obtained portions of a suppressed independent investigation into the role that debt collectors working for microfinance giant SKS played in the suicides of desperately.

The reputation of microfinance was further damaged by the exploits of SKS Microfinance. in suicide rates, the state implemented stringent new microfinance laws, which included compulsory lender.