Romanians’ RON loans hit fresh all-time high in August while savings are kept in hard currencies – Business Review

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Dealer ran credit 12 times,Bank said it would show as 1 hit if done in 30 days,But it shows them all

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Romanians have increased borrowing in local currency this year but have steadily moved their savings into hard currency accounts, a trend that could be.. bank deposits in RON have become less attractive during the last. a fresh all- time high of RON 103 billion despite higher interest rates.. Business.

In fact, as the latest Fed data shows, both auto and student loans hit a new all time high of $1.52 trillion and $1.118 trillion, respectively. And so, Americans may be going broke, but at least they’ll have a college degree and a car – both bought on credit – to show for it.

 : Forex Trading For Beginners:  Live Stream by Forex.Today Companies seems to be more interested than households in taking loans. Bank loans in RON granted to individuals rose by 1 percent month-on-month and by 15.3 percent year-on-year in April, up to a fresh all-time high of RON 98.65 billion (EUR 20.8 billion) despite higher interest rates.