5 Tech Trends Shaping the CRE Industry

What the post-digital era will look like. Today, digital technology is a strategic priority for every business. In the Accenture Technology Vision 2019 survey of more than 6,600 business and IT executives, 94 percent of respondents said the pace of technology innovation in their organizations had either accelerated or significantly accelerated over the past three years.

5 Technological Trends shaping up Connected Beauty in 2017.. We at Ideapoke also have been tracking Innovators in the Connected Beauty space in the Beauty and Personal Care industry technology.

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What does the cost of rising health insurance mean for you? By Wendy Dressler Image via Pexels There are a lot of changes coming to the world of Let’s take a look at 5 recent trends shaping the insurance industry so we can make smart choices about our own healthcare.

We look at 5 emerging trends in healthcare technology that are helping to transform the industry.. 5 Trends Shaping the Healthcare Industry in 2018 by Rick Martin November 30, Your chances of being harmed while receiving medical care are 1 in 300.

Five tech trends shaping the future of life insurance. Posted on 31 May 2018 · By Richard Miller. Other parts of this series:. of thousands of business and IT leaders to pinpoint the emerging tech trends that will have the greatest impact on the industry and the world in the years to come.

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Join a community of trailblazers, thought leaders and industry experts in nine worldwide locations to explore the technology, insights and trends shaping the future of IT and business. Meet with Gartner experts for insights on achieving your mission-critical priorities. Get inspired by visionary leaders.

 · Cheaper tech, fiber, co-working and e-commerce all shaping commercial real estate sector. Reduced costs of technological innovation, tenant demand for digital connectivity, an increase in co-working environments and expansion in digitized warehouses are all rapidly transforming the value proposition and landscape in the commercial real estate marketplace-enabling owners to increase.

A US perspective on health care trends. As the US health care industry moves toward a financial model that is based on value rather than volume, keeping people healthy and out of the hospital will be key. In a fee-for-service (FSS) model, health systems generate more revenue when patient volume increases.

Personal Care Packaging market worldwide is projected to grow by US$9.7 Billion, guided by a compounded growth of 4.4%. Staying on top of trends is essential. over US$395.5 Million to the.