Different Strategies to Utilize Your SDIRA

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Today, Clay Malcolm elaborates on how you can deploy the money in your self-directed IRA without penalties. REI Classroom Summary. In the classroom today, find out how to utilize Traditional, Roth, and self-directed IRAs and when you can and should begin taking disbursements.

Strategies to Buy Investment Property with a Self-Directed IRA. There are several ways to fund a real estate purchase using a self-directed IRA. You don’t need to have the full purchase amount in your IRA to buy property. Your IRA can get a loan or partner with others.

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Benefits of a Self-Directed IRA. One of the most recommended ways on how to do this is by investing in precious metals. If you have a self-directed IRA, experts recommend that you use about 10 percent of your retirement funds and allocate it for precious metals.

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My understanding is that Fidelity is not a self directed ira custodian. Try Kingdom Trust, Millennium Trust, Midland IRA, Self Directed IRA Services. I have used a few of these. Once your money is in custody at a self directed IRA custodian it will allow you to pursue other investment options.

Choose your IRA provider carefully: While establishing a self-directed IRA, make sure that the service provider offers features like checkbook control, which allows you to make an investment at your own discretion. Further, there should not be a restriction on non-traditional investments, so check the available investment options up front.

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