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The Wagner effect on The Spectator | Henrietta Bredin has put together a series of events to celebrate the Royal Opera House’s Ring cycleIt is with.

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002-0234 Optimal Lot Size Decisions Using the Wagner-Whitin Model with Backorders: A Spreadsheet Version Second World Conference on POM and 15th annual POM Conference, Cancun, Mexico, April 30-May 3, 2004

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The Mauer mandible, holotype of Homo heidelbergensis , was found in 1907 in fluvial sands deposited by the Neckar River 10 km southeast of Heidelberg, Germany. The fossil is an important key to understanding early human occupation of Europe north of the Alps. Given the associated mammal fauna and the geological context, the find layer has been placed in the early Middle Pleistocene, but.

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A Wagner-Meerwein rearrangement is a class of carbocation 1,2-rearrangement reactions in which a hydrogen, alkyl or aryl group migrates from one carbon to a neighboring carbon. They can be described as cationic [1,2]-sigmatropic rearrangements, proceeding suprafacially and with stereochemical retention.

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Wagnerize instabilities Wagners Classification foot ulcers The Wagner scale is used to classify the severity of foot ulcers in diabetics Grade 0 Pre- or post-ulcerative site Grade 1 superficial ulcer grade 2 Penetration into tendon or joint capsule Grade 3 Involvement of deeper tissues grade 4.

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