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By being accepted in its one-sidedness, for what it is, its one-sidedness is understood as its essence and reconciled. The gaze which loses itself in something which is beautiful, is one of the Sabbath [day of repose in Judaism]. It rescues in the object something of the peacefulness of its day of creation.

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Force yourself to take a nap and your headache might just miraculously disappear by the time you wake up. Find a quiet room, close the curtains and lie down on a soft surface. Close your eyes and focus on letting go of the tension in your shoulders, neck, and back. Clear your mind, focus on your breathing and try to drift off into a peaceful sleep.

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After almost two months in jail, sources reported to Gedab News that Hajji Mussa, who was arrested by the government security forces, is seriously ill. Though there is no specific information about the illness that he is suffering from, the presidential office has instructed the prison warden to release Hajji Mussa on bail and put.

Nimble nodes within flexible networks will replace more and more of humanity’s outmoded top-down mediating -structures. Superior collective intelligence is on the way. Cypherpunks have already created.

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Herero people. The Herero are an ethnic group inhabiting parts of Southern Africa. The majority reside in Namibia, with the remainder found in Botswana and Angola. There were an estimated 250,000 Herero people in Namibia in 2013. They speak Herero ( Otjiherero ), a Bantu language .

This new pronouncement by Sheikh Ghamidi is likely to meet a similar fate, shelved and forgotten for its inability to sate the whims of a self-righteous male majority. And the Saudis themselves are.

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The same prime minister who gave Pakistan a nuclear bomb, the Oxford-educated Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, also bowed to the whims of hardliners by declaring Ahmadis as non-Muslims during his premiership in.

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