Most Americans Can Buy A House With Less Than $10k

“We’re a family of four redefining what the American Dream means. It’s happiness, not a four-bedroom house with a two-car. even if they’re earning less. There’s no official term for this lifestyle,

 · Now understand, my house is "worth" about $100K less than it was "worth" two years ago. So, no Marie Antoinette here. On to the diamond/real estate comparison. If we can all agree that generally the purchase of a home is one driven by emotions (and not all of them good-sometimes greed is involved), we can agree that buying diamonds is also.

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We picked out 100 collector cars for $3,500 back in HCC #18, and we’ve decided to push the limit this year to find 132 pre-1980 collector cars, all in running shape, all for less than $10,000. Face it, 10 large might pay for all the gas in your new SUV for a year, and it sure won’t buy you a new car.

A market for ultra-cheap homes has emerged in cities around the U.S., and the result is that in many cases it’s much less expensive to buy a house than it would be to purchase a new car. The Baltimore Sun reports that one in ten homes sold in Baltimore during the first half of 2011 was purchased for less than $10,000.

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