Investors are flipping housing markets, and buyers are reeling

Forget flipping houses – these retail investors flip mortgages. The big investors then sell some to buyers such as. That masks "a layer of distress in the housing market that’s being.

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investors flip housing markets, and home buyers are reeling Years ago, Haynes thought about selling her house, but she stayed. Now, for-sale signs are popping up.

As Investors Flip Housing Markets, Home Buyers Are Reeling By BEN CASSELMAN and CONOR DOUGHERTY Continued on Page A14 ST. CLOUD, Minn. ohn J Palmer, a former university pro-fessor, has always had a cause. For decades he urged Minnesota officials to face the dangers of drunken driving and embrace seatbelts. Now he has a new goal:

Investors flip housing markets, and home buyers are reeling Years ago, Haynes thought about selling her house, but she stayed. Now, for-sale signs are popping up.

Investors flip housing markets, and home buyers are reeling :: A confluence of factors — rising construction costs, restrictive zoning rules and shifting consumer preferences, among others — has already led to a scarcity of affordably priced housing in many big cities.

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They also support several key themes in the housing market: The low end of the market–driven by foreclosures, first-time buyers, and investors. is helping many people jump in. Investors are also.

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The first type is where real estate investors target properties that are in a. This is a play on the market conditions rather than the property itself.. fix flip where a real estate investor uses his knowledge of what buyers want to.

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By all accounts the local housing. “Investors have bought up all the stuff in certain price points because they’re either flipping them or they’re renting them out.” Some investors who want to snap.