California Cannabis Leasing: Landlord Pitfalls

In 2014, he passed a credit and a criminal background check with a property management company and dutifully began paying rent under a two-year lease. a nightmare for many California landlords – a.

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California Cannabis Leasing: landlord pitfalls badbojus august 19, 2018 Leave a comment. Entirely avoidable, fortunately. We‘ve written previously about some common issues landlords run into when leasing to cannabis businesses (see links at the bottom of this article).. California Cannabis.

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People don’t want to be labeled as a cannabis. lease that says I can’t grow my plants in my apartment? What is the responsibility of the multi-family property owner if I move out, and leave behind.

Located in Harris Bricken’s San Francisco office, Daniel’s practice focuses on commercial and real estate disputes. His success in Federal and State trials, arbitrations, and mediations has made him a sought-after legal adviser not only for cannabis corporate clients, but also for individual owners and landlords seeking representation on a variety of real estate issues and disputes, such.

Cannabis Capital News, Events, Products, Deals, Strains, and more. Enter your keywords . Login * * Looking for a medical card? CBD Products ; News . By Region . Alaska. Top Five Suggested Revisions to California Form Leases for Cannabis Tenants.

A landlord’s compliance with those requirements can be jeopardized by a cannabis use on the premises, so the parties need to consider the possibility that landlord could be held in breach by the mortgagee, or would not be able to finance or refinance the property if needed.

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In November, California voters will decide whether to join Colorado and a few other states in legalizing recreational marijuana use. In its prospectus, Innovative Industrial does not mention.

Devoted Law presents: Entirely avoidable, fortunately. We’ve written previously about some common issues landlords run into when leasing to cannabis businesses (see links at the bottom of this article). Now that we’ve seen almost a year’s worth of emergency regulations, and the state has released its proposed final regulations, we’ve also seen a variety of.

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Since recreational consumption became legal in California. landlords. The city is expected to allow another 200 licenses over the next few years, but the process can be complicated and expensive,