Boy, Was I Stupid – A Look Back On My Financial Life

Avoidance is Not The Answer. Let us look at this model with normal people. Non-narcissistic people who decide to ‘just get on with it’ after emotional trauma, truly do so at their own peril. They ‘go’ through pain (more like bulldoze through it) but they never deal with it. As a result they never grow through pain.

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Why Do Women Go Out With Deadbeat Losers? Posted by Financial Samurai 303 Comments.. Having your financial life in order.. I can’t wait to get married to a sweet women like you so you can run around on me behind my back..wonderful. Its hilarious.

I fell for it all and made the worst mistake of my life by leaving my life in TX after he proposed and moving to where he stayed at the time. Upon moving into the home I started seeing red flags, defiant children, stealing, one suffering from depression with constant threats of suicide, a 14 year old boy who would physically assault his father.

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I spent several years in a deeper malaise than that — suicidal depression. I had responsibilities to other people that made me feel like I couldn’t kill myself, but I was basically trying to mark time until I could let myself die. That’s pretty m.

I’m in a new city with little friends and non of my family but Im now strong enough to pull out after 2 years of marriage as Im not the type to look back in 10-20 years and be even more of a mess than I am now. Husband has now put up the fight he’s going to make my life a living Hell after suggesting a split on the equity so we can move on.

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As I look back at my life, it’s amazing how many of my biggest disappointments led to some of my greatest triumphs. As you’ll see a few life lessons down, the biggest step that led to my job at Wizards was the direct result of an unhappy incident.