HIGH Profits in the Cannabis Industry!

 · As medical marijuana becomes less strictly regulated in the U.S., these 4 marijuana stocks are positioned for big profits.

While acquisitions of companies in the hemp sector accelerate worldwide as industrial and consumer hemp/CBD markets develop, our Proscere Bioscience is the company’s division focused on the CBD.

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear about record-high marijuana sales in legal states. However, in some cases those profits have come at the expense of the people who grow, trim, and sell cannabis, respecting workers’ rights continuing to be a work in progress when it comes to the weed industry.

Israel stands to generate large profits from its burgeoning medical cannabis industry after a joint committee of the country’s Health and Finance ministries Aug. 13 approved a new measure allowing for international exports of the plant.

 · 13 Spliffy Jobs In The Marijuana Industry. Medicinal and recreational pot sales could bring in ridonculous revenues and taxes. Colorado, for instance, is expecting an 18-month boost of more than $600 million, according to CNNMoney. The state of Washington is expecting $190 million in fees and taxes between 2015 and 2019,

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10 Largest Marijuana Companies Raking In Huge Profits. At one time this year, the stock surged up 2,000 percent on high-hopes for Axim’s product pipeline. – Market cap: $401.6 million – Year-to-date stock price change: +656% 6. Medical Marijuana – Medical Marijuana Inc. is a development stage company that develops,

Driven by the legalization of recreational and medical cannabis and the increasing demand for both, legal cannabis revenue in the U.S. is projected to hit $23.4.

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The marijuana industry is just starting to bloom and there are plenty of opportunities to grow right along with it. If you’d like to make a profit off of pot, then now is the time to do it. Join in the "Green Rush" and claim your piece of American History.

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Your Guide to Hiring Competitively in the Cannabis Industry. factor between good cannabis companies and great cannabis companies. NO BENEFITS.

There’s one catch with Scotts Miracle-Gro’s solid profits: Most of its money isn’t made from selling to the cannabis industry.

"Until federal law is changed or legislation such as the STATES Act is implemented, the cannabis industry will continue. She’s unsurprised by the High Court’s decision, and told Benzinga.

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