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Unique Access to Make-Sense Financing for Real Estate Investors Across MD, DC & VA. We are a local hard money lender that specializes in working with real estate rehabbers and landlords in the greater Washington, DC area. Our private hard money loans help local real estate investors make a profit by purchasing and renovating dilapidated properties.

What is the VA Renovation Loan? Posted on: February 19, 2019. The VA renovation loan, also known as the VA rehabilitation loan, is a VA-guaranteed loan program that allows homebuyers to purchase a home and fund repairs and improvements. For many homebuyers, move-in ready homes are hard to find.

A Direct Lender Specializing in Single Family Homes. A Virginia Hard Money Lender Serving: The greater richmond area, Fredericksburg, Charlottesville, Virginia Beach and Williamsburg. If you are a borrower with a property flip, rehab, construction project, cash-out refinance, or are in need of a bridge loan or bankruptcy/foreclosure bailout.

Using a VA loan rather than a conventional or Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan, pearson saved money by. sometimes lenders or Realtors would steer them away from the program because there.

LendingOne – Hard Money lenders in Virginia LendingOne is a private money lender offering short-term mortgage loans to real estate investors for investment properties across the state of Virginia. Locating Hard Money lenders in Virginia that understand your market is very important.

Mortgage Consulting, LLC has been working in the Virginia real estate market since 2006. With experience covering everything from hard money loans to real estate agent services, we cover it all. Our knowledge and hands on experience will help guide you through all the aspects of your real estate ventures.

Since our rehab loans are based primarily on the property value vs. purchase price, you may not be required to make a down payment. No Income/Employment Verification As a hard-money lender, our primary concern is the equity in the property you are flipping and your ability to execute.

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Discussing hard money lenders in Virginia, the real estate market in Virginia, and tips for real estate investors when looking into hard money loans or rehab loans.