Despite Growth Since 2012, CRE Crowdfunding Still in Its Infancy

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Crowdfunding is the collective effort of a large number of individuals who network and pool small amounts of capital to finance a new or existing business venture.

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Despite Growth Since 2012, Crowdfunding Still in Infancy Still in its infancy, crowdfunding accounts for about $5 billion in annual volume. To put that into context, 2016 saw $464 billion of property sales and $530 billion of commercial mortgage originations.

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Crowdfunding & CRE: What are New Rules? Do They Work? Voices columnist Richard Blunk says raising money online has attracted commercial real estate sponsors like bees to honey. Here, he offers a short history lesson to help with the learning curve.

Is Crowdfunding Really a Viable Source of Funding for Creative Industries? The days of trolling around businesses, seeking sponsorships from investors and applying for arts grants are all but gone. To many creatives, it seems that crowdfunding is the only avenue available. Independent filmmakers.

Despite the growth of disruptive technology, there appear to be few dedicated online platforms for CRE. In the U.S., for example, there are approximately 100 real estate crowdfunding platforms but as a capital source for the CRE sectors these remain marginal. Plus, there are also signs these platforms are not yet a proven business model.

For an industry that is still in its infancy stage real estate crowdfunding platforms have proved that they can attract a lot of attention and millions of dollars in capital. The key test the.

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PeerStreet is a marketplace that provides. Despite Growth Since 2012, CRE Crowdfunding Still in Its infancy. news 1 year ago. Opendoor raises $325 million, plans nationwide expansion. Top 80 US Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites Open New Doors in 2015. News 4 years ago. Real Estate Crowdfunding Turns 75.